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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Kill your wife and get a Pardon - part 2

First off - don't kill your wife. 

I am greatly disturbed by the number of searches I am seeing for "kill your wife" that arrive on my earlier blog post about the Haley Barbour pardongate fiasco.

Secondly, there is never any reason to kill or even hurt someone you loved enough to marry.  You can always just leave.  Yes, it is that simple.  If they have cheated on you, then the love was an illusion - accept the lesson and move on.  There is no need for violence - ever.

My second wife did horrible things to me.  She asked why I didn't fight for her.  I tried several times to make things work, so I said I did.  What I really should have said, if I had wanted to be honest to the point of cruelty, is "Why would I want someone who is willing to do the things you have done to me?"

If they don't love you, they are not yours.  They are not "yours" even if they do love you.  You can not 'posess' another person - and if you think of them as a possession, your relationship will ALWAYS suck.  Either you are in a partnership with them or it is a miserable prison for both of you.  Let them go, let yourself go and move on with a better life.

Don't kill your wife.  Don't kill your husband.  Learn the lesson and be a better person for it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

SFG Pic and Yard Snake

Okay, so this is a pic of Bed #2 in our front yard SFG :

Carrots and Onions are poking through.  Radish, Borage, Basil and Lettuce have all come up.  Looking at the pic, it really looks like I need to get some grass seed for overseeding.... I think the pic was taken just before I mowed the yard for the first time this season.

This is a video I took of a very welcome visitor to our yard... after I shooed one of the cats away from accosting our guest.  My boots also appear in the video.

We got a couple bags of vermiculite, some humus and cow manure and a load of old Horse Manure for composts to include in Mel's Mix.  We also got a couple of last year's water plants - I just hope they will thrive in our little water feature.  Willice picked up a couple nice blue flowering plants that I can't recall the name of and three nice, light green mosses to put around the pond.  When I get the big stumps of the trees I pulled up out of the background, I will put a pic of the water feature. :)