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In 1913, Henry Ford wrote the following as the directors had been reaping the rewards of profits - "The wages we pay are too small in comparison with our profits. I think we should raise our minimum pay rate".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Think the GOP aren't Terrorists??

First off... ROFLOL!!

Secondly, straight from the Jack's mouth :
"Some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. Most of us didn't think that. What we did learn is this -- it's a hostage worth ransoming."  - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R)

Take a second and think over that language from the Senate minority leader: "It's a hostage worth ransoming."
That's not just the debt ceiling he's talking about. That's the full faith and credit of our country. That's our economy. That's your bottom line.
There is a fiscal cliff coming toward us. We do need to rein in our deficits and debt. They amount to generational theft. The world's largest debtor nation cannot remain the world's sole superpower for long.

What's frustrating is that we know the way out. It has been detailed in bipartisan plans from the Bowles-Simpson commission to the Rivlin-Domenici commission to the Gang of Six and the outlines of the "grand bargain" that was almost achieved by President Obama and Boehner. - John Avlon, a CNN contributor and senior political columnist for Newsweek and The Daily Beast

You MUST read this!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden photos

Just some pics of the garden¡

Above is "Bed 2" - the Dragon Tongue Beans and the Borage are doing amazingly well.  We have one Radish on the far left that is about ready to harvest.  The bright green next to the borage is Lettuce and I am amazed at how well it is doing.  The bottom right of the pic, the corner of the bed, was host to an ant bed.  It looks a bit different than the rest of the bed.  We used pots of boiling water, poured into holes we poke in the bed, to get rid of the ants.  Now it seems they just moved up to the top right corner.  It has been hard to get anything else established.  I think my soil is the problem... and I didn't put down landscaping fabric under it, so the weeds have been horrible.  This will be corrected in the fall.

Some may notice that the grid is gone...  turns out that wooden dowels are NOT a good idea for the grid.  We are moving to using string.

Above you can see the Mammoth Melting Snow Peas trellis and frame.  Also the Summer Squash and Tigger Melon beds behind it.  I LOVE the frame and trellis.  I think I will get some help and have a black sheet behind the trellis on the next pic so that the peas can be seen.

Apparently I have some weeding to do, but the leaf and pine straw mulch has kept it down a lot.  The leaves are very healthy - the yellow spots are because they are "Moon and Stars" watermelons.  The yellow spots are on the melons too and look like a space-scape.

 This is from "Bed 1" - there is a lot more fertilizer (well-aged Horse Manure) in this bed.  Probably why there are also a lot of mushrooms around the little Nasturtium.  This bed has been easier to get things established in.  The weeds have been less because I chopped up the soil below, but I think putting down landscaping weed-block fabric would be advisable here too.

 The Summer Squash is doing very well - with Blossoms even!!

 This is a longer shot of our Watermelon and Potatoes row.  I think both are doing remarkably well!  We have piled the mulch higher on the potatoes, hoping for a bigger yield under the mulch.  We shall see!