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Monday, March 19, 2012

SFG Pic and Yard Snake

Okay, so this is a pic of Bed #2 in our front yard SFG :

Carrots and Onions are poking through.  Radish, Borage, Basil and Lettuce have all come up.  Looking at the pic, it really looks like I need to get some grass seed for overseeding.... I think the pic was taken just before I mowed the yard for the first time this season.

This is a video I took of a very welcome visitor to our yard... after I shooed one of the cats away from accosting our guest.  My boots also appear in the video.

We got a couple bags of vermiculite, some humus and cow manure and a load of old Horse Manure for composts to include in Mel's Mix.  We also got a couple of last year's water plants - I just hope they will thrive in our little water feature.  Willice picked up a couple nice blue flowering plants that I can't recall the name of and three nice, light green mosses to put around the pond.  When I get the big stumps of the trees I pulled up out of the background, I will put a pic of the water feature. :)