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In 1913, Henry Ford wrote the following as the directors had been reaping the rewards of profits - "The wages we pay are too small in comparison with our profits. I think we should raise our minimum pay rate".

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Conservatives are Stupid

So, I just heard this conversation... Maybe its just these conservatives...

"Have you seen the price of gas lately?!"

"Up forty cents since Christmas."

"Man, we're getting hit from every side! Might as well hand over our entire paycheck."

"Thats what its coming to."

"Minimum wage $9.20. My wife said he wants to raise the minimum wage.  All that is gonna do is put people out of work."

"Thats what the gun thing is all about.  Its not about safety its about control."

"Thats what they want - everyone dependent on government."

They are totally brainwashed.  I'm convinced that if they tilted their heads to the side their brains would leak out.

Have you seen the price of gas lately?  Have you seen the Oil Company profits lately?  Its nothing to do with Government, you morons.  "We're getting hammered by high prices from all over... but we don't want anyone to get paid any more."  What The Fuck?!?!  Getting hammered by High Taxes?  Yeah, the real tax burden is at an all time low, you idiots.  Hell, their talking point is that half the country doesn't pay taxes at all, that is pretty low taxes!  They refuse to look at the fact that those people don't make enough money to qualify to pay taxes and conservatives don't want them getting paid any more!

I know Republicans are allergic to facts, but they all just need to get a cortisone shot and get some fact-based information and stay away from Fox News for a while.

When the payroll taxes went BACK up to where they were from the Cut that Obama made happen, they absolutely REFUSED to recognize that the GOP preventing the cut from being extended and called it an "Obama Tax Hike."  No mention of the FACT that Obama is the one who got the payroll tax cut through in the first place.  Absolute Refusal to acknowledge the GOP blocking of extending it.

Seriously - talk to one about it.  The mental gymnastics to blame Obama will put Cirque De Sole to shame.

Now its "The government wants our money."  "The government has our money."  SERIOUSLY!?!  Sure! Lets not give the government any money at all.  No Army, no military at all - millions of jobs lost there, but hey, at least the government is smaller, right? - no road maintenance, no free-access interstate system, no police force, no fire fighters.  Can you imagine the "Private Sector" replacements and how much they would charge for those services?

Conservatives are absolutely brain-dead stupid.