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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reveling the lies of "5 Rights Democrats Want To Take Away"

Back a few posts, I challenged anyone to show me what rights Democrats want to take away... and someone made an embarrassingly feeble attempt to take up that challenge.  Well, not responding to my little blog, but ... anyway:

Brian Carey wrote "Here Are 5 God-Given Rights That Democrats Want To Take Away From You" :

1. Democrats want to take away your gun rights
Surely you remember the post-Newtown hysteria, during which Democrats came out of their shells as gun-grabbers. They wanted to deny millions of law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms as a reactionary measure in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy. Fortunately, sanity prevailed. The gun control effort failed in the Senate (to their credit, a few Democrats actually voted in favor of freedom during that episode) and, as a result of the hysteria, gun purchases soared.
Okay, one, owning a gun is not a right given by any god.  Its not in the bible, koran or any religious texts that I can think of. Second, it is a bold faced lie.  Restricting ownership of high-capacity assault rifles - which is in line with the "Well Regulated" part of the 2nd Amendment - does not equate with "gun grabbing" nor taking away all your guns.  So that one is total bullshit.  "They're coming to take yer guns" is a marketing ploy by gun manufacturers to sell more, increase their profits and screw over the public.

2. Democrats want to take away your freedom of commerce
The fact that Democrats want to take away your freedom of commerce can be proven with one word: ObamaCare. ObamaCare, as you may know, mandates that people purchase health insurance. What that means is this: because you were born an American citizen, the Democrats are forcing you to buy a service. We can safely say that the Democrats are forcing you to do this because no Republicans voted for ObamaCare.
Again, no religious texts suggest you are free to shop anywhere or buy anything you want - in fact, there are lots of 'you can't buy that' kind of religious decrees - such as the bible stating that wearing a mix of two fabrics is a sin. (so, wearing that poly cotton blend means you're going to hell.)  This one also falls apart based on the fact that Republicans came up with the idea, supported the idea, promoted the idea and, in one state, implemented the idea before Obama offered to use it as a compromise.  Also of note, you can choose to pay the tax penalty instead, so the choice is yours.  You can also choose which insurance company, which plan and which level of deductible.
“With regards to the individual mandate, the individual responsibility program that I proposed, I was very pleased that the compromise between the two houses includes the personal responsibility mandate. That is essential for bringing the health care costs down for everyone and getting everyone the health insurance they need," Romney says [ in a 2006 video ].
Basically, "Obamacare" is forcing deadbeats to contribute to their own health care and not leave actually responsible people on the hook because they can't pay their hospital bill in a timely manner - and the GOP claims to be the party of personal responsibility! HA!!  The GOP would prefer you to be totally dependent on insurance companies and allow them to charge you anything, deny anything or just cancel your policy if you dare to try use it!

3. Democrats even want to give people permission to take your life
Democrats have been fighting awfully hard for abortion rights lately. There are true heroes in various state legislatures that have been working hard to protect human life. They have been met with opposition – from Democrats. Democrats think that a woman should be able to legally terminate her pregnancy without restrictions. This is tantamount to infanticide in many cases. Even the current Democratic President voted to allow doctors to kill babies that survive a botched abortion.
Yeah, total bullshit here.  The TRUTH of it is that Republicans want to dictate a woman's or couple's reproductive choices.  Heck, they want to dictate what you can and can not do in the privacy of your own bedroom with another consenting adult! I doubt you could find any Democrat that agrees with the "without restriction" part of that load of crap.  Also, no fertilized egg or unborn baby can be reading this, so, no, the only ones wanting to give people permission to take your life are the GOP, who openly support 'stand your ground' laws and allowing certain people to shoot other people at any time for any reason without penalty and the liberal application of the Death Penalty - even when significant doubt exists in the case.

It seems the "Conservatives" are using one of the oldest tricks in the book - accuse your opponents of doing exactly what you are trying to secretly do.

4. Democrats want to take away your religious freedom
The fact that Democrats want to take away your freedom of religion can be proven with one word: ObamaCare. ObamaCare not only has an individual mandate, it also has an employer mandate. That employer mandate requires that employers provide health insurance to their employees. This health insurance must cover various forms of birth control, a mandate that some Catholic employers find absolutely unacceptable. Fortunately, the Catholics enjoyed a recent victory in this fight. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Democrats view the laws of the state above the laws of God, and that’s a good reason why nobody should vote Democrat.

Oh! That is rich!! The people who want to decree that their religion's version of 'creation' be taught in public school, that their religion's prayer be enforced in public schools, that their religious 'morals' be enforced on everyone in our nation, are claiming to protect the religious freedom of ALL?  No, they want a Christian Nation, ruled by Christian (Sharia) Law.  Guess what, GOPhers?  Not every United States Citizen is a Christian!!  Democrats are actually protecting the separation of church and state as written in our Constitution.  The Republicans are all for destroying our constitution and re-making it in their own sick, twisted image.  That is a good reason why nobody should ever vote Republican!

5. Democrats want to take away your freedom of employment
Recent, Governor Rick Snyder in Michigan signed a “right-to-work” bill into law. The law prevents companies from forcing people into unions as a condition of employment. Who opposed such a common-sense piece of legislation? Democrats, of course. They don’t want you to have the freedom to choose whether or not you’ll join a union. They want you to be required to join a union. That doesn’t sound like freedom, does it?
ROFLOL!!!  "Right-to-Work" is a total bullshit title for legislation that actually provides all employers the "Right-to-Fire" for any or no reason at all.  It strips workers of any power or bargaining position. Sadly, many workers buy the corporate spewed rhetoric hook, line and sinker.  Companies don't want Unions - they want slave workers, which Unions prevent.  So, NO, it doesn't prevent a Company from having unions, it prevents workers at that company from having any leverage with which to ensure their safety, their jobs, their benefits and a reasonable salary.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Twisted Metal and Bluetooth

So, for my birthday, my wife got me a Sena Helmet Bluetooth and a Hair Twistie.

I just tried them both out on a 30 mile trip, some back roads, some interstate.

The Reviews:

The Sena Bluetooth worked pretty good.  I had my foam earplugs in and I could hear the music playing and voices on the phone.  Not at the same time.  Learning the controls will be the most difficult part of owning the headset.  I rode to a restaurant and while there, I put in the speaker risers - two discs of puffed out velcro.  That improved the sound quality, brining the speakers closer to my ears.  At 55 mph, the phone call was good and clear, easy conversation.  At 70 mph on the interstate, the call was a bit difficult.  Of course, that was before I had the speaker risers in, so I figure that helped a good deal.
UPDATE: The call quality with the speaker risers is pretty good.  The caller and I can communicate very well at 70mph.  It has come in handy already!

The Hair Twistie did it's job.  I'm also thinking it did a good job of adding some sun flashes to increase visibility.  I got photos for the Hair Twistie review :

Before the Ride
Helmet on

After the ride