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In 1913, Henry Ford wrote the following as the directors had been reaping the rewards of profits - "The wages we pay are too small in comparison with our profits. I think we should raise our minimum pay rate".

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Changes in Altitude

So.. since last post, I have moved to Saint Louis, MO.  I am not dating anyone... not sure why.  But, I do have a good job and I am Loving it here.  Getting back to myself a bit more every day.  Although yesterday (Valentine's Day) was pretty hard to get through.

I am trying to get a HashTag going so that I can be found online by using the tag - so #IamGraywalker is what I am trying to use.  Yes, this post is an attempt to make that more searchable. :D

I'll try to fill this out a bit more with updates and other items shortly... stay tuned.
Probably need to update on my getting a land loan, truck breaking down, buying a car, adjusting to winter here, etc...

Yes, the Hashtag is working.  Anyone smart enough can find this post.  Probably the best place to contact me is on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/bobby.kearan - PM something a bit more complex than "hi." and I will likely respond.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Preconceived notions

Paraphrased something I read today... "I have no patience for fake people, whiny-little-bitches or liars. People whose idea of a vigorous discussion or argumentation is to belittle people rather than defend your argument. People who are into flag banning, flag burning or denying someone else's rights. People who support tyranny, racism, discrimination or suffering. People who align themselves against U.S. veterans or our founding fathers. People whose idea of fun involves hate-baiting, divisiveness or general ass-hat-like behavior."

Someone commented on that, again paraphrased, "yeah, I can't stand liberals either."

Which took me by surprise, because I was thinking, "yeah, this guy can't stand conservatives."

I suppose that goes to show we each have our own pre-conceived notions.  Only, I think mine can be shown to be true a lot easier than the other guy's.

"Fake people, whiny-little-bitches or liars" certainly makes me think 'conservative.'  Damn near everything they (the public faces of the conservative movement) say is easily proven to be wrong or an outright lie. And "Fake People" - Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker... come on...