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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Windows 8 Network Connection

So, I just updated my workstation to Windows 8.  We have a SAN - well, it was a SAN now its a NAS, but we still use the old name to get to everything since that was easier than changing every shortcut that went to it.

Anyway!  I could not get to our SAN - or very many network computers - after I finished my update.

The Solution - which I could not find and hopefully you have - is setting a registry value and adding a DWord value.  As below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Edit the Other Domains value to be 7
Add "RequireSecureNegotiate" and it should default to 0 (zero).

That fixes it all.

While we are on the subject of Windows 8 - some have complained that they can't run File Explorer as an admin.  Here is the fix for that :

Create new shortcut on the desktop...  right click in an open area and  select "new" and select "shortcut."

For the location, type "explorer.exe" and click "Next."

Type a name in - like "File Explorer (Admin)" and click "Finish."

Right click on the new shortcut and select "properties."  Click "Advanced."

Put a check mark in "run as administrator" and click "OK" until you are back at the desktop.

Presto! You can now browse as an admin!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Riding the Natchez Trace - The Plan

Sometime soon, I plan to ride the entire Natchez Trace and back.  The trip will take three days.

Well, one evening to get down to Natchez and camp, one day to get to the end of the Trace and backtrack to camp and one day to ride home via the Trace.

View Natchez Trace Ride in a larger map

This will be a good test for my packing skills and camping endurance for The Oregon Trail ride in 2014.

The trip will be 125 miles on the first evening to get to the campground in Vidalia, LA, then 494 miles on the Trace itself for day 2, which includes 50 miles of backtracking to get to the Fall Hollow campsite for the night.  That should make for 8 to 9 hours of riding time, plus stops for gas and food along the way.  The last day will be an easy 320 something miles home - via my grandmother's house for a quick visit.

There is an article in Rider Magazine about a similar trip - only they stopped in Tupelo for the night.
I look forward to taking some photos and posting the trip blog!

Anyone want to join me?