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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vicksburg Battlefield Park ride

Rode the Battlefield National Park today.  Here are pics:
At the Visitor's Center
First Stop - Cannons pointed at the original Visitor's Center
In front of the USS Cairo - a steam powered "Ironsides" battleship

Closeup at the Cairo

Some may notice that I now have a tail bag.  That is a drink holder on the back (blue).
Overlooking tributaries of the Mississippi River - they are VERY low.
The Trip odometer - from my driveway and home again.

Lay my motorcycle down...

They said it was inevitable.  I didn't believe them.  It just happened.

I was pulling into my local country convenience store when the loose gravel and a careless lean or something caused a slide and down the bike went.

The first things through my mind were, "What the hell? What's going on?"

"Oh, shit!"  "Is the bike hurt? Did I scratch it up? Will it run?!?!"

"Roll with it.  I really need an armoured jacket.  Is the bike hurt?!?"

"What is that white thing sticking out of my jacket at the elbow?"  --  just kidding, elbow hurts, but only bruised.

"Oh, by the gods! Don't let the bike be hurt!  ... ow... good thing I had gloves on!"

Then there was lots of cursing and dread before picking the motorcycle up.  All 760.7 lbs.of her.  Which, was much easier than I had thought it would be... almost no effort at all.

The right side (brake) foot rest was bent up to where it was touching the brake pedal.  Heart sinking moment there.

Fortunately,  all I had to do was step on it and it sprung right back into place.  Its a fold-up apparently. Whew!!

Then starting the bike... it wouldn't start in gear, wanted to surge forward, even with the clutch fully pulled in.  I put it in neutral.  Started right up.  I pulled the clutch in and put it in 1st - killed.  I finally got it started in first.  Then I rode the few yards to park in front of the store, got my stuff and back out.

I started it up in first, kind of wanted to jump even with the clutch fully engaged, but settled down.  Then I rode it back home.

Other than a scuff on a cover, it appears all I did was have to readjust the mirror and flex the clutch a few times.

I am now washing it to apologize.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Okay, so I have the motorcycle.  I've joined a forum.  The mod-bug has hit.

Modifying your ride to be more like you (me...).

So, first one I am thinking of - after the sissy bar...

 Going from this :
To this:

I think I'd like it a lot...  I just did a quick and dirty GIMP'd up version, but the pipes would, I'd hope be the gloss black of the tank... or the black of the frame... ... tank?  frame?