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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Panic Induced Gun Buying

I've been thinking about all the sharp spikes in gun sales whenever there is a mass shooting.  Someone says, "we need to do something to prevent such tragedies from happening."  Then someone says, "they're trying to take away our guns! Quick, buy more guns and ammo!" Is the NRA and pro-gun people so sure that the only way to prevent gun violence is to take guns away??  If not, then where is the panic coming from?

They said the same thing when Obama was elected - "he's gonna take away our guns!" The two gun bills passed in the last 4 years were Pro-Gun Owner bills.

People still blame "The Administration." Why?  The administration has done absolutely nothing to warrant such a reaction.  Nothing has actually been done or even proposed to "take away your guns."

Even if by some freak reality-warping cosmic storm there was a law passed in the United States of America to 'take your guns away' - you wouldn't benefit more by having more guns - you'd loose all your investment or your life.  Even if there is a law passed requiring background checks, licenses and registration of guns, you don't gain anything by buying more now.  You'll still have to register and get a license for each firearm - or be a criminal and risk jail time, fines, etc - just like if you didn't have a driver's license or any registration for your car.
Step away from the Faux Nooz propaganda and look at reality.  Somebody is putting this false information out there and people are eating it up, panicking and going out to buy like crazy.  To find out who is doing this, follow the money.  Find the Profit behind the Prophets and you will find out who is conning you out of your money.

Buy all the guns you want - but don't do it because of some false fear-mongering B.S. put out there by profiteers. 

Do it because you want to, you enjoy it and you have the money to spare. 

These panic inducing 'take away your guns' people are trying to rob you.  They want you to give them your money instead of paying your mortgage, electric bill, feeding your children or buying some cool mods for your motorcycle.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Coal Bluff Park

We took a ride out to Coal Bluff park this weekend.  It has lots of camping spots, picnic areas, hiking trail, a playground and even a tennis court and a volleyball or badminton net.  I can't guarantee the courts are in the best repair, but we did go in the middle of winter.  Oh, it has a boat launch into the Pearl River.

The hiking trail we went on needs to dry out just a bit more, but it was pretty cool.  To the left of the trail is the Pearl River. 
Pearl River, Coal Bluff, MS

There are some cool trees on the trail too... or above the trail.
Me in a Tree
There was some scat up in that tree, small Bobcat, I think - too big to have been squirrel.  We saw a Gator trail and lots of Raccoon tracks and a couple Deer tracks.

To the right of the trail are some of the largest Cypress trees I have seen!
Ginormous Cypress
I had to photo stitch (using Hugin) three pictures together just to get most of the tree in one picture!  The vertical limbs in the top are bigger than some of the trees around it!  The limb coming out almost toward the camera is bigger round than the trunk in the foreground!