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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Comparing Pundits

I was browsing politifact.com and thought it would be an interesting exercise to compare totally biased pundits on their scores.

With a link to Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow, I abused an Excel spreadsheet and came up with the following interesting numbers.

Beck had 18 "is that true?" moments, while Maddow only had 7.
Beck had 3 "Pants on Fire" lies, while Maddow had none.
Counting "Barely True" as a misleading lie, Beck lies 66.67% of the time while Maddow is honest 57.14% of the time.
This is by no means a scientific study as the sample groups are not equal, but still...  indicative.

It is also interesting, moving to the Health Insurance Reform, that republicans and fox entertainment keep lying their big arses off.
"These are Republican talking points that have repeatedly been proven false, but they keep coming back."