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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Windows 8 Network Connection

So, I just updated my workstation to Windows 8.  We have a SAN - well, it was a SAN now its a NAS, but we still use the old name to get to everything since that was easier than changing every shortcut that went to it.

Anyway!  I could not get to our SAN - or very many network computers - after I finished my update.

The Solution - which I could not find and hopefully you have - is setting a registry value and adding a DWord value.  As below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Edit the Other Domains value to be 7
Add "RequireSecureNegotiate" and it should default to 0 (zero).

That fixes it all.

While we are on the subject of Windows 8 - some have complained that they can't run File Explorer as an admin.  Here is the fix for that :

Create new shortcut on the desktop...  right click in an open area and  select "new" and select "shortcut."

For the location, type "explorer.exe" and click "Next."

Type a name in - like "File Explorer (Admin)" and click "Finish."

Right click on the new shortcut and select "properties."  Click "Advanced."

Put a check mark in "run as administrator" and click "OK" until you are back at the desktop.

Presto! You can now browse as an admin!