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Friday, July 26, 2013

Yes, the Cold weather is Caused by Global Warming

"Its chilly in July in Mississippi - so much for Global Warming."  Duh-Huh-Huh...

Yes, the unusually chilly temps in Mississippi and Chicago, etc ARE caused by Global Warming, ya idjits.  The North Pole now has a Lake!!  That is a BAD THING. Sea Levels could rise, drowning coastal cities and island nations.  Crops fail, risking a movie popcorn shortage! Weird weather messes with bird migration and fish spawning and may threaten maple syrup production!!  You're risking the Pancake Breakfast!!!

...scientists, eyeing the fourth year in a row of exceptionally harsh late-winter weather in parts of Europe and North America, suggest warming is precisely the problem.

In a complex tango between ocean and atmosphere, warming is causing icy polar air to be displaced southwards, they contend.

"The linkage is becoming clearer and clearer, I think, although the science has not yet been settled," said Dim Coumou of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) near Berlin.  - from Weather Underground
And :
 Frigid temperatures like these are sometimes used to refute the idea that the planet as a whole is getting warmer with each passing year. That's just not so, say NASA scientists, who point out that even on a warming planet, bitterly cold temperatures and harsh winter weather will still be possible and even commonplace.
One of the reasons they can coexist is a phenomenon known as Arctic Oscillation, a phrase used to describe the interaction of the jet stream and Arctic air during the winter. It can cause unseasonably cold air masses to sweep over what are normally temperate latitudes, NASA reports, making for unusually cold and severe winter weather across many parts of the U.S. - from Weather.com
So you can deny climate change, make your stupid jokes and refuse to join reality until you die, leaving this planet a time bomb so your children can suffer - or you can wake up, educate yourself and try to leave the world in better shape than you found it.

Expect Extreme weather, even extreme cold, due to Global Warming.  Try to comprehend what is happening.

I've said it before and I'll repeat : Global warming doesn't mean it will never be cold anywhere ever again.  Some may think that it is too complex for simple minds, but no, its really not - I refuse to believe people are that stupid.

one year or one particular spell of weather will never alone prove or disprove what is happening to the climate. Even as man-made greenhouse gases exert a consistent pressure on the climate, trapping more heat close to the surface of our planet, surface temperatures from year to year will fluctuate depending on the naturally variable forces at work around the globe. In the early 1990s, the mass of sulfates blasted into the atmosphere by the eruption of the Mt. Pinatubo volcano reflected sunlight and counteracted much of the man-made warming effect for several years. In 1998 El Nino combined with the man-made effect to give us one of the warmest years ever.

Allowing for this variability, global warming theory does not posit a linear, year-to-year increase in temperatures. Nor does it say that harsh winter weather will simply end. What it does say is that increasing concentrations of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, with unchecked growth, will contribute a greater and greater warming influence on the world’s climate.

“The bottom line is this: there is no global cooling tr end,” Hansen wrote in his 2009 temperature analysis. “For the time being, until humanity brings its greenhouse gas emissions under control, we can expect each decade to be warmer than the preceding one.”
Now - Take this Quiz. I'll give you one :

A 2011 survey by the British government found that extreme weather can negatively impact the range of what?