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Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is a Progressive?

screwliberalism 20 hours ago 
Why don't you define and outline just exactly what you mean when you use the term "progressive." I'm honestly interested. So far, I've not found one person who understands the term for THEMSELVES. Only that they can repeat someone else's rhetoric.
BobbyKearan 19 hours ago parent 
@screwliberalism: For me, a Progressive is someone who wants to move Forward with Improvements, Freedoms and Innovation, someone who wants to find Solutions that actually Work instead of insisting on staying in comfortable, but ineffectual frameworks.

For example, to anyone who actually studies the subject, "Trickle Down" economics, which is what we have been practicing since 1980, has been a miserable failure for 90% of our Citizens and our overall economy. We must change if we are to flourish. "Conservatives" seem to prefer to keep trying the same thing over and over and hope for different results.

"No man has a right to infringe upon the equal rights of another, and that is all from which the law should restrain him." - Thomas Jefferson.

Government exists to prevent the powerful from abusing the weak, prevent the majority from oppressing the minority and maintain Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All. Yes, business and corporations require regulation to keep them from becoming abusive. Yes, we need laws to prevent and punish violations of rights (such as murder, theft, rape, abuse, etc). No, government has no business defining what people do in their personal lives. People can worship who/what they want, love whom they want, marry whom they want, think what they want and do what they want - right up to the point where they start infringing upon or denying anyone else the same rights.

Taxes are the price we pay for Freedom, Convenience and Civilization. People and businesses must contribute their fair share to maintaining out great country. Those who want to avoid doing their part, I can not count as Patriots. People who benefit more should pay more, not less. Giving a hungry child a meal is a lot more important than giving a rich man another yacht.

Policy should, at all times, be guided by Reality, Honesty and Integrity.
Financial assistance should be tied to Financial Education. If you need assistance, we need to teach you how to get out of that situation and earn your own way. At the same time, realizing that some people just can't.

..... hope that is enough.