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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SFG Pics ( Hi, Mom! )

Square Foot Gardening in our Front Yard!

Well, I said I would post pics...but the weather didn't cooperate.... so...

From my front porch, I can zoom in on my first sprout to come up in Bed #2 - the Borage!

and some of the Radishes :
and the lettuce...  there is an onion sprout on the right and basil in the front/center....
Now, compare those, that have been planted for three weeks or so to the Dragon Tongue Beans - a full three or four days old:

That is a sight that makes a gardener happy! Big, healthy sprouts in (nearly) an instant!

And a shot of my decorative rock garden feature thingie (the dark stripe is where I had just watered the magnolia):
and the Terraced Garden (formerly roadside ditch area):
You can see one of the biggest of the brush/tree roots that I was pulling up down in the bottom right corner... and in the background of the following pic of our water feature:

The grass is a little high over there because it has been too wet to cut it with my riding mower... so... I sold the riding mower and have a push mower on the way so I can exhaust myself this weekend (hopefully).

Last night, during a let-up in the rain, I did plant Mammoth Melting Snow Peas, Lady Cream Peas, two squash and transplanted the Tigger Melon seedlings into the front yard rows.  I also transplanted the Silvery Fir Tree and Granny Cantrell German Red Tomatoes into Bed #2 and Bed #1.  Hopefully, the heat of today will help the kick up the growing process.

I am getting the itch to get some straw/hay bales to prepare for the potatoes and watermelons....
I need to get the conduit for the trellises soon too.