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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Musing on my Commute

I have been looking for a way to ditch my car - a gas sipper at the 34 mpg I get on an average tank, but it is very hard when I have a 21 mile commute to work.

I have a huge desire for a bicycle.  A recumbent bicycle, maybe even a trike, from a local shop. A more bicycle-friendly route to work would be 19 miles, but no bike lanes and some fairly busy roads with crazy drivers.  If I were able to get a steady 10mph the whole way and not stop, the trip would still be a good two hours instead of a mere 42 minutes.... plus the sweat part of 'sweat equity' wouldn't be good for my clothes nor aroma. ( I work in an office, no on-site shower )  As I get to work at 7 am, riding a bike well before sunrise on unlit country back-roads would be pretty dangerous.  Still, riding in my community and places like the Natchez Trace would be awesome!

I could take the bike to work with me and ride it the six blocks to the office from where I can find free parking.  It would give me some more in-range options for lunch ( I should probably be taking my lunch more often ) and a quicker person-powered segment of my commute - and be more fun than walking!

A scooter or motorcycle would get me 60 to 70 mpg and be much more timely than a bicycle, but purchasing one requires a big investment that I haven't been able to make.  A Scooter from Green Earth Scooters is much cheaper than the motorcycle - and the bicycle, but I think the Honda Rebel motorcycle would handle my 6'4" 290lbs a bit better.

Now, if only I could get Funding for the purchase of one of these alternatives....  :)