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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wicker and Cochran vote to Detain Citizens without due process!!

Senate approves $662 BILLION dollar military, spy and espionage funding. - allowing suspension of the Constitution in detaining U.S. Citizens Indefinitely by the military without charge or due process.  They actively rejected an amendment to prevent screwing over U.S. Citizens.  Please, remember the names of those who voted to Detain U.S. Citizens without due process or trial! Those who voted to do so include both Mississippi Senators, Cochran and Wicker. Not just once, but three or four times they confirmed their "Lets Detain Citizens without due process" votes!

Then, on top of that, the Senate rejects payroll tax cuts for working families.

Now, if you go to some of those links and look at other votes, there are some that are good and positive.  I'm not going to say its all bad.  However,  the betrayal of Citizens and another big step toward the creation of a military state is simply unacceptable.