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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tea and Hypocrisy

Congress.org - News : Tea parties may tackle abortion

The above article exposes one of the reasons that I greatly dislike the Tea Party and other hypocritical "movements" in politics today.

I like some of the fiscal thinking of the tea party, but then they have to throw in their religious nuttery an it gets ugly, hateful and contradictory.

If you want limited government, individual liberty and "the government to stay out of my health care!" - then you don't want a law against abortion. Yet, that contradiction is exactly what a lot of Tea Party members hold to. I phrase their stance on it as, "Limited government that does not make any laws about what I can do and when - but we got to stop all those people who do things I don't agree with."

These are the same people who hold up the "No Government Takeover* of Health Care" signs - wanting government to take over health care when they don't agree with the procedure. I don't mind anyone having a difference of opinion on policy, but if you take a stance, don't keep adding exceptions to it. If you want small government, don't keep proposing more and more legislation to interfere with the lives and choices of U.S. Citizens.